Excerpt from The Apocalypse of Peter


"For evil cannot produce good fruit. For the place from which each of them is produces that which is like itself; for not every soul is of the truth, nor of immortality. For every soul of these ages has death assigned to it in our view, because it is always a slave, since it is created for its desires and their eternal destruction, in which they are and from which they are. They love the creatures of the matter which came forth with them."

"But the immortal souls are not like these, O Peter. But indeed, as long as the hour is not yet come, it (the immortal soul) shall resemble a mortal one. But it shall not reveal its nature, that it alone is the immortal one, and thinks about immortality, having faith, and desiring to renounce these things."

"For people do not gather figs from thorns or from thorn trees, if they are wise, nor grapes from thistles. For, on the one hand, that which is always becoming is in that from which it is, being from what is not good, which becomes destruction for it and death. But that which comes to be in the Eternal One is in the One of the life and the immortality of the life which they resemble."

"Therefore all that which exists not will dissolve into what exists not. For deaf and blind ones join only with their own kind."

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The best part of adventure time will always be how much these two genuinely love each other

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Great Directors, 2009 (dir. Angela Ismailos)

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FMA WEEK: DAY 3 ► Alliances ~ Sig&Izumi Curtis + Olivier&Alex Armstrong


make your own dead sea


make your own dead sea

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Stripes (1981) - Starring and written by Harold Ramis

Being amazing at everything since before you were born. Thank you, Mr. Ramis, for so many laughs.

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'Water spout'Magnificent storm brewing off the coast of Riva Levante in Liguria, Italy Photo ~ Gian Paolo Chiesi


'Water spout'
Magnificent storm brewing off the coast of Riva Levante in Liguria, Italy 
Photo ~ Gian Paolo Chiesi

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